Have you ever wanted to try indoor skydiving ?


Have you ever wanted to try indoor skydiving ? As temperatures drop, this is a fun and safe activity to do indoors with your loved ones. In fact, @iflyus wind tunnels have a fresh air advantage over other experiences. Advanced wind tunnel technology provides guests with clean air while flying by recirculating and refreshing the air from outside the iFLY facilities. Tested and proven, iFLY’s wind tunnels create an environment at least 10x fresher than the average store or gym when flying guests—even at slow wind speeds.

My family had so much fun experiencing indoor skydiving at @iflysacramento !! At first it was scary and intimidating but once you tried it … you overcome your fears and learn to relax.

Shoutout to our amazing coach @coleaiston!!! He did an amazing job of teaching us how to fly !!

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